Quality Outweighs Quantity

sarah - san diego, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

A quality friendship to me is a person that is trustworthy, understanding, dependable and most importantly honest! These qualities of friendship bring joy, comfort and assurance to my life. I have experienced this bond with only a few people and this is why I believe that the quality of friendship outweighs the quantity.

In high school, quality friendships were very rare to come across because I had not yet discovered the true meaning. At that time in my life I was more concerned about the quantity of friendships and being popular. I had tons of friends throughout my high school career and I had never thought that more than half those people that I called friends would disappear out of my life shortly after graduating. I have seen many of my friends fade away and it has now gotten to the point where I can count the number of quality friendships I have on one hand.

An example of a time in my life where my true friendships have stood out was three years ago when I made a drastic decision to move 300 miles away from my hometown to attend San Diego State University. After realizing that I didn’t know anyone in San Diego it was very overwhelming and scary for me. I would constantly call friends from home when I would be lonely or sad, and after not being home for six months it was then that I realized who my true friends were.

Now that I am in my fourth year of college and understand that it’s not about how many Myspace friends I have or how many phone numbers I have in my phone, it’s about the friends that are there for me when I need them the most. I believe at the end of the day as long as I have that one friend who I know will not judge me, be there for me, and support me, than that is worth more than a thousand friends in the world. I strongly feel that friendships are like seasons. There are going to be those who come in my life teaching me a lesson along the way and are only here for a season. Then there are those friends who will be here for a lifetime, not to just teach me a lesson, but to engage in this journey of both hardships and happiness.