Unexpected Moments of Awareness

Brooke - San Diego, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: respect

It’s anomalous that things happen when you least expect it. It only occurred to me while working during the day that respectfulness to friends, family, elders, and everyone is an idea that I believe in. Working in a health food store during the middle of the day often surrounds me with elders shopping for their daily standards of living. As I was traveling to the back of the store, I ran into a co-worker who offered me a bran muffin that a customer gave him. At first I was hesitant, but he assured me that this elderly lady brings him muffins every time she shops. He explains to me “the elderly customers love me” continuing “because I give them the upmost respect as they should deserve.”

That’s when I was aware that respectfulness is a trait that leads me far in life. I respond back to my co-worker saying “you’re right, they are ahead of us in many things, I would want to be treated with up most respect now, and far much more when I’m older.” I need to be aware of others and their views and include them into my decision based on how I treat them. That’s when I understood that my kindly gesture of being patient, or even just taking a moment to say hi to someone, may brighten their day.

Respectfulness has great importance in my daily life living. Not only should I respect others but I also need to respect myself. It is part of everyday wisdom that respect and self respect are connected within one another. If I don’t respect others, it is often hard to respect yourself, and if others don’t respect me, it is often hard to respect others. Although many times I am unaware of the respect everyone deserves, it is the significance of it that makes daily life living enjoyable.

Respect comes from something that is earned, and working at a store where a lot of seniors shop makes me attentive of the respect that is needed. Most certainly I want to be able to work together with my customers and when we both are respected, we gain the voluntary cooperation of each other. I realize that treating others with respect lessons the use of my energy and resources in trying to meet each others needs. In general, when I respect others, there are fewer conflicts.

It is both evolutionary and realistic that respect is important and this is what I believe.