A Feeling I Just Can’t Compare

Jeannette - San Diego, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I truly believe that my father’s music is the soundtrack of my life. I believe that his voice is magic and his guitar, enchanted.

Music has played an essential role in my life and I owe that to my father. His singing has resonated throughout my life.

He loves playing older songs, so I grew up knowing many songs from his generation. With my uncle on the conga, my dad would sing and play his guitar for my family and friends. After coming home from work he’d even play for his own enjoyment. Of all the songs that he has played, “Precious and Few”, by Climax, is my favorite. Whenever he brought out the guitar “Precious and Few” was always my request. His music has been a part of almost every special occasion and major event in my life. The most meaningful of these was my high school graduation.

For this event, my two older sisters compiled a CD made of songs dedicated to me by my friends and this CD was then played for me at my graduation party. Some of the songs in the collection had sentimental value between me and people close to me, and others were just good songs that people wanted me to enjoy. These CD’s turned the music that has been an important part of my life into a truly beautiful compilation.

My father’s contribution to this collection was one the most meaningful and sentimental. His contribution was his own recorded version of “Precious and Few”. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift. He sang it beautifully, with such strength and love.

It meant even more to me because at that time I was preparing to move to San Diego for college. In the song he so appropriately sang “…if I can’t find my way back home it just wouldn’t be fair/ ‘cause precious and few are the moments we two can share”.

This is only one example of how music has played a special role in my life, but it is the best and probably most meaningful example.

I think everyone has a their own life soundtrack, whether it’s Joni Mitchell’s Blue album like my oldest sister, Erykah Badu’s Baduism album like my second sister, or Cat Stephen’s “Father and Son” like my brother,. The beauty of it is that it’s theirs. And I am proud to already know what my life soundtrack is. It is the music that has played in the background of my entire life. It is the voice of my father and the genesis of sound from his fingers against the strings of an acoustic guitar.