Love, Hope and Rock N Roll

Amber - Lexington, North Carolina
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have always believed that love is unconditional and

blind. Love doesn’t care what other people think and

will endure until the end. Love is fueled by hope and

hope is fueled by love. I also believe that rock and

roll is the manifestation of these two abstract ideas

into one.

Rock and roll is passion. I use rock to express my

emotions, relieve stress, burn energy, and just get

away sometimes. All music has the ability to transport

its listener and performer to another place, but I

believe rock is the master. There is just something

about the music that transforms any situation. It has

the uncanny ability to take away all your cares, if

even for a moment, and to make you forget all your

worries. Rock and roll doesn’t care what you look

like, how you dress, how you talk or what you believe.

I believe rock draws you in, and for me it was love at

first listen.

I’ve always loved rock music. One of my very first

memories is of my grandmother’s birthday party where

some close friends, who were in a band, had offered to

be the entertainment. The only thing I remember is

watching the drummer and just being mesmerized by the

music. My parents tell me that I was hooked from the

moment the first chord was strummed.

Rock gives me hope in even the darkest times of life.

Hope. I see hope in every situation because there is a

reason for everything. I believe that if hope didn’t

exist then there would be no reason to wake up in the

morning. I always start my day off knowing there is

something I’ve been looking forward to. There is

always a hope that something good is going to happen.

It doesn’t even matter what that something is as long

as it makes me happy.

I believe that hope makes love sweet. Hope is the

reason I go out in public and interact with people.

Hope that I may make a new friend or that today will

be my lucky day. There is nothing in particular that I

want to happen, but there is a little voice in my head

that is constantly telling me, “It could happen.”

Growing up in a Christian school, we were always told

that God loved everyone, regardless of their race,

color, creed, or actions. I took that to mean love is

unconditional and has no limitations. I just injected

this understanding of love into my everyday life.

I believe that love is blind and runs on hope. Hope

is what keeps me going in life and striving to be the

best I can be. I believe that rock and roll brings all

corners of the globe into one community of people that

have no cares in the world; a group of people who

share my belief in love, hope, and rock and roll.