Positive Vibrations

Courtney - san diego, California
Entered on May 1, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I used to be the kind of person that would never smile at or start a simple conversation with a stranger. I would hardly ever go out of my way for others especially those that I did not know. Then, I noticed how I did not appreciate it when others would treat me with a similar introverted and cold intent. This changing in my awareness led me to the realization that karma and simple acts of kindness can be very powerful in creating a more enjoyable life for an individual and those in their life.

Once I understood this I started noticing the positive in every situation. One day a stranger shot a smile at me as I passed by wearing my “I’m frustrated face”; to my surprise I found this sudden rush of relief flow through my whole body and magically changed my mood. At the time it did not seem like much, but I soon realized how powerful a smile can be.

All of my actions are creating the past present, and future; so I try to manipulate my thoughts to generate an enjoyable life for myself and others around me. I strive to smile, be polite, and treat others with kindness and genuine intentions. A simple gesture like holding the door open for someone else has the power to alter their temporary outlook. Even if it’s only for a split second the common good is reached, creating a sense of humbleness.

I understand that this seems like a minute gesture that could not possibly make a difference in the large scheme of things, but it does! Both individuals partaking in walking through the door benefit. If nothing else, it makes me feel better even though I was not looking for anything in return. The extra second I waited to hold the door was for a better cause and a bigger plan.

I strive to make the extra effort to help!

I try to find motivation within. I try to be kind at least once a day. My belief is that this positive energy will attract other positive gestures as well as companions with a similar gratitude for the power of genuine intentions.