Working for What You Have

Kenneth - San Diego, California
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

It all started in high school when I was driving a 1983 Honda accord, which I was only able to buy after working many minimum wage hours at Foster Freeze, our family friend’s fast food restaurant. Working very hard, I would always come to work with a good attitude and work ethic, making sure I never missed a shift. Since driving my own car was the fruit of my own labor, I always made sure I was a very conscious driver as I would never want anything to happen to the car I worked so hard to get.

My family has never struggled with money when compared to many other families. I thank God often for blessing me with the family I have been given. Although my parents could have afforded to purchase me a car, they did not believe a car at my age was a necessity, but a luxury. I believe if I had been handed a new car without earning it, I would have taken that blessing for granted. I would not have understood the significance of having something worth several thousand dollars, but instead would have believed that since I turned sixteen, my parents were obligated to buy me a car. I believe this can cause people to not treat their possessions with respect, but instead abuse these items which are under appreciated

There is something special about putting all of your time and energy into something and having it pay off. In my situation, I worked very hard at a young age to be able to buy my own car. Although it was not the nicest, it was mine and I earned it. I believe it comes down to having a good work ethic and earning the things you have. I have found that this also includes sports as it many times is not the team with the most athletic ability who wins, but the team who trains the hardest and works together best. There is a saying given to my rugby team which says, “ability without hard work means nothing”. Our team was very often, not athletically superior to the teams we played, but we knew, without a doubt, we had trained harder and that made winning much more special.

So many things in life are taken for granted and I believe this can largely be attributed to not having to work for the things we have. It is not having all the nice things that is satisfying to me, but knowing that I earned what I have and being thankful for it. I believe an abundance of money will make people always want for more, not appreciating the things they already have. It is a deeply rooted belief of mine that when people work for what they have, they appreciate and cherish what they earn much more than if it was just given to them.