Riches and Wealth

Robert - Iowa City, Iowa
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have more money than I need.

It is a fact, yet, I know many people who just get by. Many of them would look at me and say, ”You’re rich, don’t try to fool me!” What they don’t realize is I am far from being as rich as they see me.

I know a family with two parents and eight children. The father has a very good job, one that makes enough money for the wife to stay at home. While at home, the mother home schools her children. However, with only one adult and eight kids, schooling is difficult, and so is control of the eight children. With so many things to think about, the mother gets busy and cannot possibly watch every child. But she never asks for help, her oldest and second oldest have already taken control and take care of their siblings. They do this not because they were told to, but out of love of their family. And out of all of the time being around them, I have never heard them say, “I hate taking care of my brothers and sisters.” Or “I wish there weren’t so many of them.”

I’ve learned that being rich isn’t having a lot of money or many possessions, being rich is something a little more. I know many rich people; some are rich in faith, some are rich family, some are rich in morals, some are rich in relationships, some are rich in generosity, and some are rich in love. Those people are rich.

I believe there is a difference between being rich and wealthy.