Swimming to Success

Christine - Santa Rosa, California
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

After swimming all four years in college, I was asked what the best part of my Division one swimming career was. My first answer was of course racing other people and winning, the whole point of the sport. The adrenaline I get stepping up onto that block and striving to beat the person next to me is an amazing feeling. That is the reason I trained twenty hours a week, two practices a day, and weights and running becoming part of my normal routine.

After I was asked that question, I came to realize swimming was more than just competing against my opponents. There is no better feeling than finishing a 17,000 meter practice and knowing I completed it all by myself. I had made it through another one of my coach’s grueling practices and I could still feel my heart beat. The real answer to the question is that setting goals in practice and being able to reach them was the most rewarding part of swimming.

What I learned from swimming is to always strive for excellence. I remember last semester one of my teacher’s final projects was a portfolio of all 15 architectural drawings we had done throughout the semester. I didn’t think some of my drawings were good enough for an A so I redid them. I ended up receiving an A on the project with a long paragraph from my teacher that said I surprised him. Seeing almost every one of my drawings redone; all of my hard work paid off. He said that my competitive edge and hard work will be an asset to a design firm.

I firmly believe that because of the goals I set in swimming and the way I achieved them make me realize that I can accomplish any ambition or obstacle I have in my life. I set a goal in school to achieve above a 3.0 gpa, last year and this year I achieved scholar athlete for the year. I believe that if everyone sets goals in life to be a nice person, the best at their job, or even to lose that extra 15 pounds, they can accomplish it. With perseverance and determination I believe anyone can change their life in significance ways.