Happy being on my own

Emily - Wilmington, North Carolina
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Many people believe in true love, some believe in being happy for the rest of your life. People want what will make them happy, whether that is falling in love, having a lot of money, or simply what I believe in. My belief is strange to some, but to me it makes perfect sense, to be single.

At this moment in my life I have no desire to find someone to give my heart to; I have already done that. In high school I loved boy. We dated for a long time and I was very happy being with him, but there was always fighting. After years of bickering I decided that it was not worth it, and we ended our relationship. Almost a month later I started dating another boy, and I was in the same shoes again. Being a stubborn girl I thought that once that ended I was going to prove myself wrong and date. Here I am today with no intentions of being in a relationship.

Some will argue saying that I was dating the wrong guys and maybe that was the case. As I look around campus, who is right? I understand that it is a trial-and-error system, but I feel as if it is better to wait and see. The first week of college I was surrounded by people that would do anything to date. I feel that I did not want to because I needed to figure out was before I put myself out there. I found myself being happy just being alone. I needed to know why I felt this way.

I am in college; this is the time of my life to cherish, why would I want to spend that time tied down to someone? Not that I’m saying couples don’t have fun in college, but I don’t have anyone to fight with or anyone to answer to. I am like a free butterfly doing whatever I please. I have so many different kinds of friends that I feel that if I got into a relationship they would feel forgotten. Also I do not have to care about others opinions, I can say, dress, and act the way I want without someone judging me. I don’t have to worry about what my family thinks, or my friends. To me, freedom is the key. The reason I’m so comfortable being a single gal is that I know I’m not searching. I see so many girls when they get out of a relationship they are in search mode looking for their next boy toy. In no way do I want a boy or a toy and I’m perfectly ok with that.

People claim that I have a cold shoulder towards love, I do not. I do believe in having someone to love the rest of your life, and I do believe that I will get married someday. I don’t believe in putting myself out on a limb, when I am enjoying my life as it is, being single.