Never Give Up

Elisha - Waverly, Tennessee
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Never Give Up

I was sixteen years old and about to have a baby. The baby’s father had already decided to leave town, leaving me alone. I was so scared to tell my family and better yet, I was alone. I still had to finish school and possibly college was up ahead. My mom had asked me what I wanted to do. I had decided on an abortion, but she would not let me do that. So I had to take care of my responsibility. I finished school, ended up getting a promotion at work, and I am now attending college. I never gave up. I never let being a single mom stop me from doing what I have always wanted to do.

My family had just moved to a different city. I didn’t want to go from the beginning, but I had no control over that. I got mixed up with the wrong guy and got pregnant. Well, he bailed out on me when I was around three months pregnant. I didn’t let that stop me from finishing high school. It was so hard. I would go to school from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., leave school and go straight to work and work until closing time everyday to support my baby. I never received any type of assistance as in welfare or food stamps. I figured it was bad enough that people thought all black people were on welfare, I wanted to prove everyone wrong. I graduated and continued to work at the fast food restaurant job that I had gotten with my sister.

I had kept my job for about two years, when I needed more money. I decided to look for a job with better pay. I did find a better paying job. I left my fast food job for a factory job. I was there for almost four years. I was pregnant again and going through more problems than before. I ended up leaving the factory job because it was just way too much stress. I ended up going to a different location, but the same fast food restaurant, and applied for a job. Of course, I got the job. About one month after I had gotten the job, I had talked to the District Manager about a manager position that I was interested in. That same day, the manager had me an interview set up with the main office one week from that day. I was so excited. When I went to the interview, I thought that I was going to be nervous, but I wasn’t. I was so comfortable with the lady, that I was hired 20 minutes after the interview. They called me the same night, as soon as I had stepped in the house, with the good news. They told me that I would have 12 weeks of training to do before I would be back at my store.

I have now been a restaurant manager for almost six years. I do like it, but it is just not what I wanted to grow up to be. So I have now decided to go back to school, and get the degree I have always wanted. I have attended school for the past year and will be attending for another year and a half. I have enjoyed the feeling of never giving up. My mom told me never to. If there was something that I wanted to do, there was nothing in my way. It felt like there was a brick wall in front of me for the longest time. I realized it was just an illusion.

My family has helped me tremendously with this adventure. Without them I have no idea where I would be. They have supported me in every way possible. And if you don’t have any family to support you, you can support yourself by having a high self-esteem for yourself and by telling yourself that nothing is going to stand in the way. I am happy with my job, I just want to be able to provide without a struggle and do what I really like to do. My mom raised five kids alone and went to nursing school, so I also have that to look at for inspiration. My kids will have an easier childhood than me because I am going to make sure of that.