This I Believe

Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: integrity

I believe you should not lie or steal. I mean not even lie about something dumb or steal something small. I think you should not do either on the day of a rodeo. It might bring you bad luck. If you are rodeo for a living like I do, then that will not be good.

I believe you should not lie because once I was asked if I thought my sister was cheating on her boyfriend. I knew she was cheating the whole time, but being the good sister that I am, I said, “No.” I promised on my barrel racing run in Florida. When we got to the rodeo that weekend, I hit the second barrel. Therefore I didn’t make it to the second round!

I believe you should not steal because once on my way to a rodeo in Tulsa, Oklahoma, my parents and I stopped to grab a bite to eat at Outback. After we were finished eating, I wanted to take a piece of a triple layer, mouth watering, moist chocolate cake with me to eat later. I did not have anything to eat it with, so I took a fork. I stuck the fork up my sleeve and walked out. I felt like a criminal. Needless to say, after my parents drove me all the way to Tulsa, Oklahoma, my horse tripped while he ran to the first barrel. When he tripped it caused me to lose just enough time on the clock not to win any money. After that I didn’t steal anymore.

I truly believe you should not lie or steal. There were just a few of the experiences I have had. I could go on and on about experiences I have had. Remember if you lie or steal, something might come back on you!