Love Lost is Love Gained

Stephanie - Merrill, Wisconsin
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Love Lost is Love Gained

A very dear and wonderful lady developed Alzheimer’s and could no longer care for herself. Her family did not live close to her so they helped her move into a nursing home where she can get all the help she needs. She was weary to leave her house of fifty years, and wondered if her family would see her at the nursing home. Her family came to visit as often as they could, usually every-other week to once a month. Until two years later when she passed away with her family there by her side.

Now that I am near the end of senior year of high school, I have a wonderful job working at a nursing home as a certified nursing assistant. My job is to make the resident’s life more comfortable and offer a stranger as much help as they need. I am also there for the family members of a resident who has passed away.

When my grandma developed Alzheimer’s, we did not really understand what to do, and I was only eleven years old. My family helped her move into a nursing home where she could get the help that was there for her. When my family called, I knew. It was my grandmother’s time to go. I sat in the room with her, watching her and watching all the things that the nurses and nursing assistants did, not knowing what to do myself, until she took her last breath. The staff was there offering us comfort just like they did for my grandmother throughout the two years she lived there.

Seven years later I am working in a nursing home offering the same care my grandma received living at a nursing home. My job is important to me, and I am very happy that my school offered my a chance to begin a career in the health field and help elderly people the same way a stranger helped and gave care to my grandmother.

The experiences as a child have an effect on each individual as an adult whether for the good or for the bad. My Experience, being with my grandmother when she passed way, led me to choose the job I have now and give care to other that I was not able to give as a child.