What We Really Want

Anne - NC
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

One day, while riding down the road past Burger King, and telling my children we were not going to stop and get something to eat there, one of them said they wished we were rich. I told them we are rich! As their mouths hung open, I explained to them how being rich does not always have to do with money.

I believe you can be rich without having a lot of money. Yes, money is nice to pay the bills, but there is so much more than that. In my family, we make enough to pay the bills- most of the time. We have so much more though. Since we don’t have an abundance of money, we are not constantly going out buying things. We have to think and choose carefully before we buy something. Is it really worth the money? Do I really need it? What really makes us happy? What do we really need? As long as our needs are met, that is really all we require. Other than the basics of food, shelter, and clothing, everything else is just stuff.

My family enjoys doing things together that don’t cost a lot of money. We enjoy going fishing and swimming. We love spending time outdoors together, whether it is working in the yard, playing basketball, or playing with our dogs. We can often sit and just talk and joke and enjoy each other’s company. We also enjoying listening to country, rock, and Christian music together, especially if it has guitar or violin solos in them because those are the instruments my children play. A real winning night is buying pizza and renting a movie. That is a big night out for us- or even going out to eat as a family. Usually for birthdays, my extended family gets together(mom, dad, in-laws, niece, newphew) and goes out to eat. We always take up several tables at K&W and spend about 2 hours eating, catching up on what is going on with each other, telling jokes, laughing about the last time we were together, taking pictures, and being silly. This is always fun, brings us closer, and gives us memories, like the unusual situations my brother- in- law gets into and the deadpan humor my son and daughter can deliver.

No, we don’t have the latest car or an Xbox 360 or a 52″ flat screen TV. We have what we need, usually what we really want, but not a whole lot of other stuff. That is just fine by me.