Kids Are Stupid

Christopher - baltimore, Ohio
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: children, sports

Kids are stupid. Without direction at an early age, children would just sit on the couch all day and poison themselves with junk food. Focus, leadership, health, confidence… these are skills crucial for a child to pull ahead in life. One of the best ways to acquire these at an early age is organized sports. Youth sports offer valuable people skills, the importance of teamwork, and friendship. Kids who participate in sports have another advantage over those who do not: exercise. Not only do sports get people into good physical shape, they teach children to take care of their bodies. For these reasons, athletics are essential for the balanced and successful future of a young adult.

Focus and discipline must be ascertained at an early age for children to thrive in all parts of life, whether it is schoolwork or their future professions. If a student is focused on sports, he or she must also be focused on school. Spotlighting schoolwork and sports in the mind of a child stops many kids from succumbing to drugs and other hazardous behaviors. They simply do not have time to fall into the wrong crowd. Some schools even enforce drug tests for athletes; the punishment for a positive test being ineligibility. Is there a better way to keep teenagers off drugs?

One of the most obvious upsides of playing a team sport is the physical aspect. Some sports encourage high school and college students to work out and stay in shape during the off season. Independent exercise is a skill that can be useful throughout life, even extending life expectancy. Exercise and sports can also benefit the mind. There is no better relief of aggression and aggravation than sports.

The confidence gained by participating in organized athletics is invaluable. Being part of a team fills you with meaning, purpose, and a sense of accomplishment. Working with other people to achieve common goals generates brotherhood and lifelong friendships, which produces people skills and the ability to give or follow instructions. Confidence breeds leadership abilities and quick decision making skills. Sports will also invoke sportsmanship in kids and expose them to dealing with failure. These skills must be applied to excel in life.

My personal experience with organized sports has been very positive. The benefits these activities have provided me are absolutely priceless. I cannot remember a time in my life when I have not had friends. I have always kept my grades up for fear of becoming ineligible. I have been in great physical condition my entire life. The predominant advantage for me has been confidence. I rarely second guess myself on any decision.

Without organized athletics a young person is denied the best method of developing discipline, a healthy lifestyle, feelings of meaning and purpose, and essential leadership skills. My personal experience leads me to believe that there is no better way of setting yourself up for success in life. Encourage any young person you care about to play sports.