This I Believe

Chase - Clinton, Tennessee
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

For those here today who don’t know me my name is Chase Acres. I’m going to tell you about a specific time in my life; which was not too long ago. On May 19th, 2007, I and a few friends made our way to Panama City, Florida for our senior trip. I couldn’t wait to be away from my parents and experience an entire week at the beach with my friends. I really didn’t have any plans besides hanging out with my friends and enjoying our last trip together. The first night I started drinking and I contradicted my moral and ethical beliefs; which was wrong in my eyes. I knew I was going against what I had been taught my entire life. The next day I was sick from sometime early that morning until about seven o’clock that night. Everyone knows what usually happens on senior trip; mostly partying and drinking. To be honest I’ve never really been the type to party, and I’m not here to judge those that do. I’ve found out through my own experiences that there is much more joy and peace in my life when I’m not doing these things. I’m not perfect, and I don’t claim to be. I try my best to learn from my mistakes and allow God to choose His will for my life. This isn’t always easy, because after all I am human. I honestly believe that if I strive to do what is right in God’s eyes then I will have a happier and more fulfilling life. This doesn’t mean that my life will always be easy, but overall I know I will be content. Also, I believe God will bless my life if I try my best to live for him. I know I will face many more trials and temptations in my life, but I believe if I put my faith and trust in Him then I will be able to overcome these things. Finally, I know I will make many good and bad choices throughout my life, but I want to continue to learn from my mistakes in order to have a happy and more peaceful life.