Tattoos That Aren’t Meant To Be Trendy

Jeremy - Cambridge, Ohio
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: death, family

How many things could you possibly do to occupy your mind for three hours, while you’re stuck in the equivalent of a dentist’s chair, with someone dragging a needle across your bare skin, which, leaves the feeling of the worst sunburn of your life in its wake? It didn’t take long for me to shift into flashback mode, because even now, that day sticks in my mind and can be played back as if it were happening all over again…

I made my way down the crowded hall from the lunchroom into my third block computer applications class. Same old routine, grab my folder and sit down after the usual conversations and goofing off. I didn’t notice the classroom phone ring, so when I felt a hand on my shoulder I jumped. Someone was waiting outside to pick me up? I didn’t think I’d forgotten any doctor’s appointment, so I wandered aimlessly down the hall trying to come up with a reason that I’d be getting picked up early on a Monday. Nothing bad ever crossed my mind until I went to push the door open and saw my aunt’s car waiting. Even then I didn’t immediately jump to something tragic, I thought maybe something had happened to my grandma, or that maybe my mom had fallen off a ladder. Slowly but surely the silence in the car and the anxiety welling up in my stomach was enough to set me off, and I had to ask what had happened. She had a firm grip on the steering wheel and her eyes didn’t even glance away from the road. As soon as the words started to leave her mouth, I knew I regretted asking that question.

“Your dad’s been in an accident, but they don’t know how bad yet.” Accident, my dad, bad, it was impossible for these words to register in my brain. Coming around the corner and seeing all the cars around my house, family members that should’ve been at work, I still couldn’t wrap my head around it. Avoiding looking anyone in the face, I made it past the group standing outside and opened the front door. My mom was bawling her eyes out as she hugged me and told me again what my aunt had said, except this time they knew how bad. He was gone. Crippling shock overwhelmed my body and I couldn’t even find the power to stand up any longer…

“I’m going to go have a cigarette and I’ll be back to do the other side in a minute.” I snapped out of my trance and just nodded my head. Stealing a glance from the mirror beside me, I could see that half of my chest was covered in blood and ink, and then recognizing the grin on my face I could see my dad there with me. I believe that no matter what the love of a family can get you through anything.