Looking forward

Thomas - San Diego, California
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in something to look forward to.

After growing up in San Diego California my whole life I feel lucky to live in such a perfect place. Though a beautiful environment can be dangerous. Trying to balance every aspect of leisure and fun with responsibility and work is hard. Deadlines and due dates come quickly and stress and nervous tension can be overwhelming. It doesn’t matter where I’m from, or what environment I’m used to. Stress can ultimately tear me apart and distract me from the positive things that should be enjoyed in life. I believe looking forward to something is the best way to have a positive outlook in life.

When I started college it was difficult for me at first. I was young and taking on new responsibility. I had just moved out of my parent’s house and did my best to keep a consistent routine. I was a full time student with a part time job. My schedule was busy, I rarely had time for things I enjoyed to do. Days consisted of long hours at school, hectic workdays, and towering heaps of homework. Time managing the responsibilities of work and school made it difficult to incorporate leisure. The worst was knowing that next week would be no different than the last.

Stress in my life became a daily occurrence. I always knew I had something to look forward to, but it wasn’t that something that was exciting or rewarding. Instead, I felt overwhelmed with feelings of anxiousness that kept a constant weight on my shoulders.

The more unfulfilled I felt in my life, the more unhappy I became. I started to try and focus on the more important things in life that I used to have the time to do, as well as bring happiness to my daily routine. This helped me realized that I needed to “deal with the hand I’ve been dealt.” Continuous stress only creates more tension. I decided I needed something exciting to look forward to, so I bought a plane ticket for a trip out of the country to a place I had never been, South America. The mere fact that I was changing up my routine was a huge improvement. It felt good knowing I had something coming up that I was looking forward to. It made me want to work harder to accomplish the things I knew I needed to get done. So I had time to enjoy myself on vacation.

I learned to take advantage of the little things I enjoyed doing. I take my time and don’t rush. Enjoying the little things in life gave me “peace of mind” and allowed me to focus on myself.