I am My Own Biggest Asset

Heidi - Columbus, Ohio
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

What or who do you believe in? One can believe in God, friendship, family, honesty or perseverance. All are extraordinary topics to believe in but when it comes down to it you need to be able to depend on yourself. Ask me what I believe in… I believe in MYSELF! At the young age of 18 I’ve found myself. I’m comfortable with who I am and know what I want to become. This is something almost impossible to achieve at this age but surviving the deaths of loved ones and being on the verge of self destruction, I found my way.

Growing up I had two people I was closest to, my grandfather and my best friend Zach

Meyer. My grandpa and I depended on each other. He had two heart attacks and 3 strokes and he needed to be looked after 24/7. I was there from day light to sun down watching, feeding, clothing and bathing him. When he died I thought I was never going to get over his death, until I met my friend Zach.

Zach helped me through the hardship by showing me it’s okay to be sad. He and I had become best friends instantly. We had the same classes and interests, except for one. He was very involved in drugs and that got the best of him. At the age of 17 my best friend, Zach, had committed suicide because he wasn’t able to pay off his drug debt. He thought either, “kill myself or be killed.” He told me good-bye and maybe if I had believed him I could have prevented it; I thought it was my fault, he saved me but I couldn’t save him.

The death of the two people I was closest to happened when I was 16 years old. I couldn’t handle it. I was afraid of myself. To ease my pain, cutting myself was my solution. I thought the only way to deal with my pain was to take my mind off of it with more pain. I was on the verge of self destruction and headed there quickly.

I found myself, through the help and support of my family. I know that I want to help people who are like me through educating them. I want to show people that having faith and depending on themselves is an important aspect to life. If you believe in anything believe in yourself, I do and I have never been happier.