To Press Forward…To Persevere

Brett - Milford, Ohio
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Perseverance is what helps us to carry on. In my mind, the word applies to having the will to look past the problems I face and accomplish the goals I have set out in my life. The idea of having a positive outlook on life is what I’ve learned to rely on. I’ve experienced hardships just as everyone else has but one that probably caused the biggest struggle in my life was my parent’s divorce. It happened when I was five years old, and from then on I felt torn between two people I cared for. Also, I was never convinced that I wasn’t some part of the reason why they divorced. Along with this, my Dad disappeared for roughly four years. In short; I became a pessimistic person during my childhood years but with time I came to understand what the right approach was.

With the absence of a father, my mother did the best she could in raising me. With the divorce happening when I was at such a young age, she did what she could to keep me from realizing what was happening. All I could understand at my adolescent age was that my Dad no longer lived in the house, and when I saw him it was without my mom. My mom raised me in a protective manner that got me through the initial struggle. Although I grew up under the wing of a mom who sheltered me, seeing her strength through it all truly helped in the development of my perseverance. As I got older, I realized the situation, and being more mature I was able to form a way in which I could get past anything.

I’ve learned that it’s pointless to over dramatize situations. By this, I mean it’s better not to dwell on a struggle, but rather try and focus on the things I do have and I realized that the divorce wasn’t as hard as it could have been. In essence, I view my parents divorce as a learning experience, in that I’ve learned from their mistakes. This mindset of dwelling on the positive aspects rather than the negative, in my life, is and has been the crucial influence on the person I am today.

This idea of focusing on the positive can also be used as means to persevere, because rather than caving in; you’re doing what makes you strong. In order to persevere, you have to incorporate the positive attitude along with the will to do whatever is necessary to get past what you face. Therefore, I believe that with perseverance and a positive outlook on life, one can overcome all that may come their way to accomplish their goals.