The Power of revelation

Kristina - Wake Forest, North Carolina
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

The Power of Revelation

When I was fourteen I was always upset because I didn’t have a boyfriend like all the other girls my age. Looking back now, I know how silly it was to worry over such things at so young an age, but back then I told myself the only way I would be happy was if a guy loved me. My mom tried so hard to tell me that I didn’t need someone else to make me happy, but I just thought she was trying to shelter me. Then, one day I was walking home from school and I sat down for a quick rest and looked up at a tree behind me, and I don’t know why but in that instant I realized that I really didn’t need anyone else to make me happy, that I could be happy all on my own and I smiled. In many ways that realization has changed my life. I still believe that this was something I had to discover on my own, my mother telling me was not enough. This is what I believe in. I believe in the Spiritual Revolution, that epiphany that reworks all your beliefs, and reshapes your world, I believe in that personal change, and I believe that this has to be something experienced for oneself. I paraphrase Ralph Waldo Emerson when I say that; revelations passed on by word of mouth are not revelations at all, rather they are merely hearsay. In other words, you can’t share an epiphany and expect it to mean the same thing to whoever you’re telling it to because a revelation with the ability to shake the soul is far too magnificent to be able to describe to someone with mere words; after all, a spiritual revolution is much closer to a feeling than an actual thought process.

Think about it, this is what the whole This I Believe series is about. This is what the whole world is about. Every belief, every idea comes from this sudden revelation. Every major character in every bit of literature, like Minister Dimmsdale, Dorian Gray, and Victor Mancini reaches this point where their world is nearly turned upside down with just one small and yet so significant idea, be it, confessing one’s sins, realizing all actions have consequences, or just finding comfort and Zen in building something. I argue that this is not just for book characters, this Spiritual Revolution is the central stuff that gives the inventor the idea to invent, the mathematician the idea of the string theory, the common person their central system of beliefs that helps interpret life, and me at fourteen the idea that I can make my own happiness. This is what I believe, that one moment can revolutionize an entire life.