I Believe in Christmas Cookies

Kelsi - Beardstown, Illinois
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: family

Ever since I can remember my family has had the tradition of making Christmas cookies while putting up our Christmas tree. I can’t remember a year where we didn’t make them.

When I was younger I was always the one right there helping my mom with the mixing, cutting, and baking of the cookies, and of course sneaking a swipe of the cookie dough with my finger, and every time I would get caught. When the cookies were in the oven I would ask my mom to turn on the oven light so I could watch them rise. I would be the “look out” to make sure they didn’t burn, like the timer for the batches of cookies. When I thought they were done I would run and find my mom to tell her that they were done. Half the time they weren’t fully done, I really wanted some Christmas cookies, so then I would have to wait again. When the time came to finally take out the long waited for Christmas cookies, I was very excited.

When I was younger the simplest things in life amazed me, like making the Christmas cookies. Life is a lot like making Christmas cookies. When taking a swipe of the cookie dough and knowing I will most likely get caught is like when I have tried to hide things from others but I always end up getting caught. When watching the cookies in the oven, it’s like waiting for something big to happen and feeling completely nervous but excited because I don’t know what is yet to come. When I asked my mom to turn on the oven light it was like I needed her to help me see the world more clearly than if I just try to look in on my own with out any help to see the “cookies” rise. Being the look out I learned a sense of responsibility, I now know that people can rely on me and that I can help to do something that everyone can enjoy. When I told my mom they were done and they weren’t it was like when I want something so bad I try to rush it and then I realize that it just takes a little more time. When the time finally comes to receive what was long waited for, it is much more special than if it were rushed or pushed into doing something too early.

I believe in Christmas cookies for many reasons, one being the memories and another being the lessons I’ve learned. I’m proud to say this is what I believe.