Judging Someone Never Solves Anything

Courtney - San Jose, Illinois
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everywhere you look and turn around feelings are getting hurt because they have funny glasses, are a little bit over weight, their clothes are ugly etc.. Judging people is basically a thing that makes people look like they are all cool and tough but it doesn’t it just makes them a bully and makes them have a bad reputation in my book. Everyone has been judged at least once and should know how it feels and you shouldn’t want to make that person go through what you went through because it’s a horrible feeling, trust me I know. Also everyone has been a person who judges people about what their appearance and personalities are noone can say that they haven’t been in this position and that’s wrong too because it just makes you look bad. Judging never solves anything either, it can just end up in a fight and its really not worth it at all. Judging can make the person who is getting judged feel really low and can lower his/her confidence and will just really make them feel like a nobody. I know someone and she’s one of my friends who gets made fun of all the time because of what she looks like and everything. She gets made fun of 24/7 about how she looks and acts and I’ve noticed from being around her that it really bothers her. She has lost all her self confidence about herself because of this, its really disgusting if you ask me. Theirs always rumors about her like she’s annoying and has a staring problem or look at that nose of hers or here’s a good one hey bug-eyes and it really sad that she has to go through that and people don’t really get how much it hurts her. She has told me that almost every night she lays in bed almost in tears because of everything that gets said to her. I really wish people would stop because I don’t like seeing her like this and it just makes me upset. What people do not realize that every human being including her has feelings and since everything has happened its made her feel so low about herself its horrible. In the process of judging someone you never know you could be missing out on what could have been a really great friendship but you had to miss it because you were being hypocritical. So I believe that judging people is really wrong and should be stopped because you never know what you could be missing out on.