Jacob - Mason City, Illinois
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: environment

The many different ways crops are used in America today. Corn, soybeans, wheat, rye, and oats are the main produced crops in central Illinois. I believe the usages of crops differ in many ways; the corn is now getting used for ethanol and is that a winning or losing proposition. I believe the corn price is too strong to be burning four dollar corn to be produced into two dollar gas. I believe without the American farmer there wouldn’t be an American family. Without the farmers there would be no food produced and the commodity trade would fall well below the amount of goods needed. I believe every crop has a specific job to be done. As if corn, corn is planted then harvested and either feed to animals to be harvested for food or the crop is sent to be produced into a good whether that may be cornflakes or corn breed it has that special purpose. I believe soybeans have just as big responsibility as corn. Soybeans are planted harvested and then maid into soy milk or as a healthy additive to food. People don’t realize how the farmer supports them in the ways they need there support on foods and nutrients.

I enjoy farming with a passion because its all I was brought up around, and to me there’s no better feeling than sitting in a 20,000 pound tractor and my palms white gripping the steering wheel with 250 h.p rumbling through the field at a calm 7 mph. I believe if people would look past the package of goods at the grocery store they would see the sweat, the time, and the hours put in to just that one thing they may be buying weather that may be cereal or bread. With my 17 years of agriculture backgrounds I plan to keep a career in the agriculture industry because farming has been in my life for decades and im not going to stop the family farming company now.

I love my farming life; I eat sleep and repeat the same farm practices. My father has showed me the many different ways to farm and I plan to keep the tradition going for as long as I can keep it alive.