Life Is A Raceway

Jake - Mason City, Illinois
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Life Is A Raceway

I believe that life is like a race, and everyone is trying to come in first place. In today’s world everyone just wants to live fast and no one stops and takes time to enjoy life.

I believe that life is like a race and sometimes people break down and just can not make the run. There are obstacles that you must go around and unexpected things that happen and nobody can control them. Sometimes you crash and burn but you will always learn from your mistakes. People want to live life fast and never look back but it is those people who never slow down for anything. Those are usually the people that crash into the wall or go off the track toward the end of the race because they didn’t stop to just enjoy life. Those people usually regret how the lived there life because they didn’t slow down and enjoy their time here and when it is all said and done they don’t have many victories and memories to share with others.

However, the people who just cruise along at the back of the pack and don’t worry about winning may not cross the finish line first but they spend the most time looking at what they pass and they are just there to enjoy life for what it is. I believe it is these people that are the true winners even though they might not have left with a medal or a big shiny trophy that will sit on a shelf and collect dust. These people will leave with much more than a medal or a pat on the back, when the race is over and its time to go home they will leave with all of the good memories they had. These are the memories of all the fun times they had while they were here, and all the true victories that they have won even though they didn’t finish first.

I believe that people need to slow down and enjoy life while they can. I am 16 and guilty of not taking the time to enjoy life. I often lose sight of what really matters and just focus on the win and getting my picture taken with the big paycheck standing in the winners circle. But when the day is over I look back and see how much more fun I could have had if I had just slowed down to enjoyed the time I had with my friends and family.

All in all, people need to take the time to slow down and enjoy life, this I believe.