Everyone Needs A Best Friend

Jennifer - Delavan, Illinois
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Everyone Needs a Best Friend

I have a best friend. Her name is Sarah. Sarah and I have been best friends for about two years now. She’s been there for me through breakups, family problems, and plenty of times when I was in trouble.

I remember one time, the only time we got into a fight. I knew something she didn’t about someone we were both close to and I told her about it. Well, she didn’t believe me. She yelled, I yelled, we fought, and we were both crying the whole time. Not but a couple minutes after we got off the phone, we made up. We decided to put that behind us and move on in our friendship. A couple days later she found the truth about what we were fighting over. I was right. And I have never wanted to be so wrong in my life. She came up to me crying and saying she was sorry for fighting with me and not believing me. Well, that made me feel like crap. The fact that I was right about something that seemed to hurt her so much did not seem so great, at all. That fight made us both realize how great of friends we really are.

Having a best friend means knowing there is always someone there for you no matter what. It means that there is someone you can depend on for support, extra change if you need it, or just someone to sit around and watch movies with on a Friday night.

This girl is my best friend and we’ll always be there for each other, no matter what. Everyone needs a friendship like this.