Change, Change, Change

Erik - Monrovia, California
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in change. I believe in change from day to day; changing little things here and there. I believe that changing one thing in my routine each day gives me the opportunity to experience one thing new, and experiencing something new means learning something new.

My teacher once told me, that knowledge is limited to my lifetime and I can only know so much, but if I learn one thing new each day then I will have the knowledge of 30,000 days. It wasn’t until I reached college that I really had desire to learn something new every day. So I thought to myself, how could I learn a little bit here and there. I thought that if I learned a little bit about everything then I would always have enough knowledge to build upon on something if I really needed to. At first I thought the answer was going to class, turning on the news, or just listening to other people. Those may be great ways to learn a little something, but they weren’t the ways for me. By listening to someone I may gain knowledge but I really didn’t figure it out myself. I like to throw the directions aside and figure out my new little gadget and explore its possibilities. There was my answer in learning a little something new every day; changing something is trying something new.

If I went out and bought something I never had before and figured out how to work it, then I changed a typical day in my life by just going to the store. This little change resulted in me learning how to work a new cell phone. Now I knew one thing new today compared to a day where I did exactly what I did yesterday. Change is good and change opens my eyes. To me changing something is the idea of accepting the ability to try something new, and this expands thought.

I believe that wisdom is the acquisition of knowledge through experience, and experience is gained through trying new things. I look up to my elders and I think listening to what they have to say is very important. It can be as easy as waking up an hour earlier or going to bed an hour later. Just think of all the things I can experience by changing sleeping patterns. If I wake up earlier I might be able to see the sunrise, or hear birds singing a song. Change grants me the ability to lessen the times I say to myself, “I wonder what that would be like.” Without change life is boring and depressing, it is monotonous. Change makes me feel alive. Change is the adrenaline running through my veins. Change is the nervous sweat on my forehead speaking to that crush I have had for many months. Then, when it is all over, the change of doing something new is the feeling of confidence and empowerment. I believe in change.