To Do My Best is the Best Policy.

Mikyoung - lemon grove, California
Entered on April 30, 2008
Age Group: 30 - 50

I believe in doing my best.

While I was in the university, the Korean economic situation was worse than a recession. Many people lost their jobs and many companies went into bankruptcy. After graduation I could not get a job. I felt sorry for my parents who had a hard time supporting me. So I decided to work for the government because it needed only a simple test and it seemed the easiest way to get a job even though I did not want to.

Finally, I passed the exam and started to work at a city hall in my hometown. On the first day, my father told me “I expected you to be better than working at city hall, but now I am proud of you. The only thing to tell you is to do your best whatever and whenever you do, and to be always kind to people who need you.” My father had pity for me because he thought I gave up my dream to be a dealer. I felt touched by what he said and took an oath to do as what he said. I was interested in work for a couple of years and worked happily. However, as time went by, I became tired of my work and people. They usually came to complain about something. I felt like avoiding that situation.

One day, the worst typhoon hit hard near the city and people lost their houses, farmlands, everything in 2005. It was a disaster. We rose up rice plants, rebuilt plastic green houses and pulled watermelons, squashes out from the water to help them. This work was not easy, but suddenly it occurred to me that “this is my precious job and I have to help people in trouble.” It reminded me of my father who was a farmer. I thought if he were devastated like this, how deeply he would despair and who could share with him and encourage him. I began to think of people next to me as my father.

Even though the terrible area was not recovered after five days of work, people really thanked us for helping. We felt rather sorry for not curing their damages of properties. I almost felt exhausted, could not move one step, but I was full of something. I awoke myself thinking about my first decision. “I will do my best at any time, place and help the people who need me” It sounds easy to do and follow, but I did not do that. I stopped my work for one year to study in America. A couple of months later, I will remember my first day and restart work at my office. It is time to believe my first oath on my working again.