Work Smart Not Hard

Jacques - San Diego, California
Entered on April 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe in education. Education will allow a person to work smart as oppose to working hard. I believe that reading, writing and arithmetic learning is pivotal in an adolescents life. Education determines your life style. A child should be trained to work from the neck up. What this means is that he/she should utilize their brain not their body.

From my experience, my work ethic was instilled and determined in my early childhood. I got work values and training from my parents. Webster pocket dictionary 3rd edition defines work as “Toil, labor, employment.” “A duty or task.” “Something produced as a result of effort.”

I had a mixture of toys some preassembled and others not. I can recollect being given an airplane. I unpacked the plane and instantly put the

Airplane on the ground and in the air simulating flying. I was using my body working my mouth and arm, not “thinking” of the actual planes components or purpose in society.

I got older and I purchased a hobby plane kit to assemble. I read directions and put the plane together over time, learning the components of the plane and purpose. After completing the hobby plane kit I flew the plane with a remote. It was then when I noticed that being able to read instructions was something that I should value. My education assisted me in that activity. I thank my parents and educators for preparing me for life. I now understand how essential school was, still is. I am still striving achieve a Bachelors Degree from San Diego State University.

I work with my brain not my body to produce income. I have three jobs that I get paid to talk, literally, I work at two schools. I feel like I am working smart as appose to hard. I believe in education. Working with my brain is easier on my body. I was once told that life is a marathon not a sprint. This I believe.