Music as a Form of Release

Devin - Knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on April 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: creativity

Have you ever had a bad day? Of course you have everyone does but when you have one of those days it spawns a lot of aggression, so what do you do with that aggression? Well there’s violence but that rarely solves anything and then there is books and movie which are forms of escape. I believe music is one of the best forms of escape, music in any form works whether it’s pop or jazz or in my case rock just sitting back and relaxing to some music can make even mellow out the worst of days and situations. When I was younger and in my first year of high school I used to get stressed out of over the smallest things, if I forgot to turn in a paper or got angry at someone I would sit there going over it again and again in my mind. It got to the point where I would begin to have nightmares about the things that made me mad, one day a friend of mine addressed my problem and suggested that I just find a song that I like and just listen to it and try to forget everything that had happened that day, so I gave it a shot and decided I would sit down and listen to the radio. I found that I was able to calm down and forget all the bad things that had happened not just for that day but for the entire week. It was an amazing thing to me not to able to worry about things and to just sit back and relax. Soon after my second year of high school started I was much calmer about everything it got to the point where I was naturally just pretty cool about everything. Music changed my life, and I probably wouldn’t be in college right now without it. So if you ever have a really horrible day maybe you should try to just chill out to some music and hopefully it will help you like it did me.