I believe in Snapple facts

Kara - Lake oswego, Oregon
Entered on April 29, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I Believe in Snapple Facts

With hopes to quench my thirst I choose water, but when it comes to learning valuable yet trivial facts I choose Snapple. While the beverage within the container is delicious and flavorful, the words on the cap are satisfying for the mind. The quirky facts and information provide the perfect ice-breaker. I believe in Snapple cap facts for their ability to initiate a conversation or fill an awkward silence.

Snapple claims to be “made from the best stuff on earth,” but it is the random yet useful facts on the cap that make the fruity drink the “best stuff.” After hours of talking and laughing at a get together there is always a point within the night when there is nothing else to say, when the laughter dies and the room fills with a numbing silence. Instead of telling another lame “you had to be there” story you can fill the auditory void with a Snapple fact. The deafening silence can be broken with four simple words that will astound your listeners – “Camels have three eyelids”– a fact that will not only amaze your audience but stimulate conversation regarding the use of three eyelids and the eye to eyelid ratio of a camel. When sitting in a room of silence and questioning whether or not to bring up school, work or tiredness, avoid the uncomfortable silence fillers and simply state what you learned from the Snapple cap – “A hummingbird weighs less then a penny.” At that point the silence will give way to a commotion with people pulling pennies out of their pockets in disbelief that a living thing could actually weigh less than that copper coin.

While the few words on a Snapple cap have the ability to eliminate an awkward silence, they also have the power to transform a stranger into an impressed acquaintance. Once you share that “An oyster can change its gender back and forth,” the stranger sitting next to you on your cross-country flight becomes an intrigued and amused companion. By the time you have to prepare for landing, your acquaintance is trying to figure out how to measure his sneeze after learning that “ A sneeze travels out of your nose at 100 mph.” As you part ways with your new friend you can give her one final fact that will leave her searching a dictionary – “There is not word in the English language that rhymes with month.”

The flavor of Snapple Tea is enriching; however, it is the facts that are the truly enriching ingredient of the beverage. Providing drinkers with fun and peculiar facts that stimulate conversation and thought, the facts found on Snapple caps are fascinating icebreakers. While my dehydration is satisfied by water, my thirst for knowledge is quenched by Snapple facts.