The Ability to Love is the Ability to Give a Second Chance

Jordan - La Mesa, California
Entered on April 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: forgiveness

I believe that everybody deserves a second chance; the ability to forgive is the ability to love and in order to love one must be able to forgive. I have always felt this way, but the events of the past few weeks have brought this to the forefront of my beliefs. It’s generally accepted that nobody is perfect. For this reason alone, I should be able to give a second chance. I am only human and I learn from my mistakes. Without mistakes I wouldn’t be able to improve my situation or even grow as a person. I believe that if I love a person I love a person for who they are inside; their beliefs, attitude, and overall outlook on life, not what they have done. I must be able to filter through the unimportant things and look at a person for who they are inside. I believe that the ability to do this is the ability to forgive, which is truly love.

Recently I have had many problems with my roommate, which erupted with an all out screaming battle, filled with judgment of character and name calling. My roommate is one of my best friends that I have in San Diego. We have never fought in over two and a half years but during this explosion by my roommate I felt the most hurt that I have felt sine I had told my parents that I was gay. I immediately felt that I could never forgive her, but after a long run and the ability to settle my thoughts and calm my nerves I was able to come back to my core belief. Everybody deserves a second chance. I came to the conclusion that I love my roommate as a person, as a friend, and I value the relationship that we share. Because of this, I must give her a second chance and will forgive her for the things that were said that explosive night. I will never forget what was said, but because I love her, I will forgive her and give her a second chance.