I Believe I Can Never Have Too Many Friends

Zachary - San Diego, California
Entered on April 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I have noticed in this world there are lots of people that don’t get a long. It makes me sad to see people act so defensively for no apparent reason. For sometime I wanted to be the big tough guy, but being the tough guy is a lonesome road. Over the course of my lifetime I have made hundreds of friends everywhere I go. I never go looking to make enemies; I always go looking to make friends. I believe that I can never have too many friends.

What I mean when I say this is that I can never have too many positive people around me. It makes having fun so much easier. The majority of the time when I want to go and do something with some friends there’s a good chance it is going to happen. That doesn’t mean that the first person I call is going to partake, but whatever I have planned usually happens because I have enough people in my phone to call.

Another benefit of having a lot of people in my life is that when I get in a bind with work, school, or family I have people that can help me. This comes in very handy when I need help in school when an assignment is due, or when I have a test. I am not in the least bit ashamed to go to a tutor, ask questions in class, or even go to a professor’s office hours. If these types of help did not exist I don’t think I could make it through school. That little bit extra really helps me get through life.

The last benefit that I can think of with having lots of friends is protection. Protection in the sense of being safe, having people close by, people who will give me good advice when I am not thinking clearly. If someone does have issues with me and he or she knows that I have a lot of people that have my back, then he or she is less likely to act on the issue.

A good example of this took place my sophomore year of high school. We were at a friend’s birthday party and my two buddies and I were outside having a few beers before we went back inside to go dance with some sweet hot babes, when out of nowhere we see our buddy getting jumped by a whole bunch of surf punks. We ran up cleared the whole pile of our buddy in a matter of seconds. However, when I was throwing these punks off of my buddy some guy hit me in the back with a crutch. As soon as he hit me I turned around to nail him, but my other buddy had already thrown him down the hill. We were there for each other, and that is something you can’t put a price on. This is why I so strongly believe that I can never have too many friends.