Golf Beyond the Sport

Travis - Dalton, Ohio
Entered on April 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: sports

A lot of people believe in something, whether it is God, Aliens, or Love. My belief seems to be different from these cliché’s. I believe that sports can instill important lessons on living life. Since the age of three I have been involved with the game of golf. It started when my grandpa gave me a couple clubs and my dad taught me what to do with them. I would hit balls in the back yard, while my brother and sister watched me for hours. I just couldn’t get enough of this game and by the time I was in middle school I was playing competitively. I learned the rules of golf quickly and how honesty and etiquette were two important things. Now I am eighteen years old and golf has taught me much more than honesty and etiquette.

I have been playing golf with my dad for a long time now and it used to be a hassle because I would get angry and ruin the day because of my attitude. If I wasn’t playing well I would be upset because I felt like I was letting my dad down. After years of this I realized that we were only practicing and I shouldn’t be worrying about anything, but enjoying the time I get with my dad. Now when we play golf it is two of the happiest people enjoying each other’s presence.

The lesson I have learned through these fifteen years of golf is to enjoy every minute of the game I love, because at any moment the gift can be taken. Now when I get a chance to play golf it lets me reflect on all the great times I have had on and off the golf course. The best part is the time I get to spend with my dad. The lesson this game has taught me goes far beyond the sport side of the matter.

Although I was taught and learned to enjoy the time on the golf course because it is just a game, the same goes for my everyday life. We are thrown obstacles every day and we just have to get past them and move on. Being a good golfer has transcended me into being a good person because now I cherish all the time I get with the game I love and my family.

I am on the golf team at Muskingum College in Ohio now and even though I struggled at the beginning of the season I have worked my way on the team. This is why I believe the game of golf has instilled an unforgettable outlook on life in my mind.