This I believe…

Jillian - wallingford, Vermont
Entered on April 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Teaching is about action and how the students will perceive me and my actions in the classroom. I feel that I can’t present my philosophy and really understand it until I actually present my philosophy through my teaching methods in a classroom. I feel that schools are a place of learning, and I find education to be very powerful. As a young adult my philosophies might differ from now until I graduate. I strongly feel that schools are a place where all students should all have an equal opportunity to learn. I also believe it is up to the student how much they are willing to learn. I believe that education is not only an academic thing it is emotional, social, academic, and physical. I also feel that a teacher should be a guide. I believe that teaching is developing life long learners.

I believe that learning can and will occur naturally in a student when a teacher presents the material in a way that works for the student. I also believe it is the teacher’s responsibility to do that. As a teacher I want to be non traditional, I don’t want to lecture I want to be able to be hands on. As a teacher I want to treat my students with dignity and respect. I feel if I treat my students in a respectable manner, that my students will show me the same amount of respect back. This is important to me I want my students to feel safe and secure in the environment that they are in. I want my classroom to be welcoming to students, parents, and visitors. My classroom will consist of lots of literacy whether it is books, or posters on the walls. Literacy is important for a young child. My students work will be hung through out the whole classroom, in hopes to share each others work, and as a sense of accomplishment for the students.

In my classroom I want all my students, and adults to be treated as equal thinkers, teachers, and learners. I want it to be a respectable and a comfortable environment. Every member of my classroom is asked to be respectful for every individual’s feelings, and thoughts. Everyone in the class will be expected to help keep a friendly atmosphere.

As a teacher I want to know my students personality, and about their personal life; so I can figure out what learning methods will work best for each individual. As a teacher I am determined to make every student involved in the activities, even with children with disabilities. I want everyone to feel accepted in the classroom. I do know that not one child will be alike because all students are unique and all learn in different ways.

As a teacher I want to have my students become questioning thinking young adults. I want to teach them a little about inquiry, and I want to be their tool. I want to be able to have my students figure out the answers to some of their own questions by providing the tools to discover the answers. I want my students to be excited for class each day.

I know that this is only the beginning that my philosophy will change in time. I use my past experiences to help me lay out the type of teacher I want to be. I had teachers I could not wait to see, and some that I dreaded. I want my students to be comfortable coming to me, as well as comfortable coming to the environment that they will be in.