Man’s Nature at Birth Is Good

XIAOQIAN - 47306, Indiana
Entered on April 29, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

When I was a child, I hated all baddies and liked good man when I read novels or watched TV. However, as time went by, I found that everyone has their own good personality even if bad man we thought. There is no absolute definition for a good or bad man. Everyone’s nature at birth is good. We all want to be loved and love others.

There is a true story which confirms my belief?it mainly talks about a young man, who was sent to prison for robbery. After he was in prison, nobody went to see him, including his family. They all felt ashamed of him and disappointed with him. He felt so lonely that he wanted to suicide. Life was meaningless to him. However, just at that time, a kind woman made his life brighter and more cheerful. She heard his story him and decided to help him. She wrote letters and chatted with him frequently. She also asked his family go to prison to see him. The young man was deeply moved by her kindness, he could feel the warmth and concern from her, and he decided back to be a good man. After release from jail, he showed his love to the woman who helped him and changed his life. They got married at last and lead a really happy life. By his wife’s influence, the man always helps others in his life.

This story tells us that no one is born as a bad man. Few of them just do something wrong provisional. The only thing we need to do is never give up, help them and believe them. That man did something illegal just because he was affected by negative factors, which lead him to go a wrong way. But he’s natural is kind, and after others helping, he became a good people at last.

When I entered middle school, I became rebellious like many young teenagers. I was curious about many things what I have never done before. I didn’t want to obey what my teachers told to me. I envied some of my classmates who dared to do anything they want, and I wanted to do things like them. I played with that kind of students who had bad behavior. At that time I almost lost myself and lead myself in a bad direction. However, people around me helped me a lot and made me out of that situation.

When I recall these days, I felt so childish I was. Now I know the feeling of the teenagers who become bad when they are around 15 years old, because they are curious about many things, and they lack the ability to reject the temptation. Also, nowadays the ratio of teenagers who commit a crime is much higher than before, I think besides the negative social environment, many of them lack of love and concern. So, they use this method to protect themselves or arouse the attention. In fact they are all good students at first just like me. The only thing we need to do is help them and make them realize what is right what is wrong.

I believe everyone is good naturally. Any of us could do bad things or make mistakes, but the most important thing is that we should recognize that mistake and try to correct it. The tree itself is straight, but after big storm and heavy windy, it may turn bent. The only thing we need is use some method to make it straight back again.