This I Believe

Yu - Muncie, Indiana
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Teenage persons have a great time for to taste the world. So as a young adult, I’m interesting in many things. I like basketball, movies, gym, swimming, and pets and so on. One of those is special. I dream to become a director before. When I was in mid-school, I like seeing movies so much. I went to cinema very often at that time. And I bought many placard; magazines and toys about movies. Actually I read much knowledge about movie; movie stars and directors. I enjoyed thinking some ideas about some movies. Sometimes I imaged how make a good movie from a book; cartoon or just a simple thing. I used to make a movie by a camera. It satisfies my ideas. One time, I made a movie just I’m in that movie. It is about I and a Coke vending machine. The vending machines every once in a while got mistake. When you order a Coke, it may give you a orange juice. I don’t care this. And I got interesting in this. Because you don’t know what can you got from this magic machine. One day, I bought “coke” by the vending machine. Beat all, I got a lemon juice. I got a surprise. Because always it just two chances. I like that lemon juice. I like the surprise. After that time, I never got a lemon juice again. Sometimes when I buy “coke” by the machine, I miss the lemon juice. But I have never tried to buy a lemon juice. This is my entire movie. It’s no any means. No protagonist and costar in here. Also there is no any event in here. I just like the feeling. Taking the camera made server scenes. I enjoy montage; dub and chancing music for the movie. When everything is done, I saw my movie, a Mei Yu’s movie. I’m pound for myself.

In that time, I believe I can make a great movie like Tim button’s?if I learn about director in university. I wish I can learn director in French or German. And then I went to make movies in Hollow. I wish to everyone like cost a little money to see my movies at cinema. This is my dream. I did something for the dream. But at last, I gave up my dream. However it’s a great expense in my life.