Sean - Mesa, Arizona
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

I believe that I can make a change. It is my duty as an American to use the rights that this great nation has provided to change what I see is wrong. I look at the country around me. I see things not as they should be, but as they are. They are not good. Do not listen to what others say, look for yourself. Look past the products, advertisements and television shows. Think about the world today, and our nations role in it. Think about your role in it.

I believe that you can make a change. When you see something that is wrong, it is your duty to make it better. When I see a piece of trash sitting on a public beach full of people, I wonder why this is. When I see an old man struggling to open a door on a crowded street, I can only guess why there is no help. When I hear people complain about how our country works, how the laws are regulated, policies enforced, and actions taken, I say to myself, is this not a democracy, can we not make a change?

I know that I can make a change. I know that you can make a change. I know that their is no difference between a police officer and a crook. Their is no difference between a President and a protester. Their is no difference a movie goer and a movie star. In this country we are all equal, and we can all make a change.

I believe that I should make a change. I believe that every one of us should try and change what we see is wrong. Whether you stand alone against unsurmountable odds, or rally a mass of potential energy you will never be wrong if you fight for what you believe. A man who challenges an injustice and fails will forever be greater than those who stood by and did nothing.

A change will be made. For all those who choose not to stand up, I will stand for them. For those who are to afraid of failure, I will fail for them. For all those who will never succeed, I will succeed for them.

I will make that change.

What will you do?