Veronica - Tivoli, New York
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

I am thirteen years old and have a wonderfully active imagination. In my mind, for example, colors can speak and play. Because I’ve yet to even graduate junior high, this could easily be written off as childish or immature, but I view it as an opportunity. Imagination can transport you to any world you wish; it can transform you into anyone you wish. It is survival in its basic, imperceptible form.

Many times I have been sitting at a desk in my small, middle-of-nowhere school, head in hands, and simply floated out the windows. Imagination holds that power. It is a vehicle, an escape route, a lesson, a possibility. I’ve traveled from that dull classroom to an open field under the stars in mere seconds; I’ve danced across the moon without leaving my bed.

I believe that imagination is vital to define experience. It gives action flavor, makes its message louder, and highlights its details. It brings a flickering flame to a blazing bonfire that demands attention and thought. Of course, this is not to completely cast away the line between reality and absolute propaganda, but to call attention to what one believes is important.

Imagination links what is to what could be, and it sparks images in one’s mind that could never be found on paper. Imagination is the invisible ink that connects the dots. By giving one the ability to dream past what is known and to think outside of a textbook, it makes knowledge valuable. It is a privilege, a responsibility, and a power. I believe that today, creativity is being overshadowed by the demand for unadulterated fact. The media is creating a generation of passive non-thinkers. It is surprisingly easy to listen and soak up what others tell you. And who wants to be labeled as simple or dull? Who wants to think like everybody else?

Imagination is the portal that connects an idea and a story- knowing this makes me pay attention to that part of my brain that screams for me to break out of line, to defy normalcy. I am forced to reexamine my goals and my pursuits because what, if not imagination, are they driven by? Imagination pushes me to be myself: find myself, create myself, embrace myself. I believe that imagination provides stimulation that is necessary to support the brilliant potential that everyone holds. Originality is luminous.