The Secret

Zach - Portsmouth, Ohio
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

This I believe

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it,” a famous

quote from Charles R. Swindoll, everyone can live by. If everyone could

adapt to this motto, the world would be a much more peaceful place. I

myself can’t say I live by this adage on a daily basis, therefore I won’t

preach on how it is the only way to live, however, I feel confident enough

to assume it is a much better option that pitying myself constantly. I

can seek comfort in the idea that I do control how I make a situation in

the end. We as humans cannot control some things, but rest assured we do

control what we make of those happenings. This I believe.

If I could relay this message to my mind every time I encounter

displeasure or a misfortune I believe I could make much better of the

situation, it is much easier said than done of course. Very few people

can stop to realize the reality of the situation when something negative

happens, most just get angry, and let it ruin their day, myself included.

The beauty of this adage is that is can improve a person’s quality of

life. Just knowing in the back of my mind, that I have the power to “turn

a frown upside down” by either moving on, or just forgetting a certain

instance is very comforting to me. All the stress, pain, and nervousness

of a situation can be replaced; simply by mind over matter, “there’s

always tomorrow,” “Everything happens for a reason,” these common sayings

can help a person move on and start working towards making the situation


I do realize there are some things that we as humans cannot control; we

cannot control the car breaking down, and it making us late for school.

We cannot help it that we caught the red light in the middle of traffic,

and we certainly cannot control our little sister spilling hot coffee on

our new shirt before school. All of these are tangibles that we have no

control over whatsoever. There is actually a motivational movement, such

as the “pay it forward” movement called the “90/10 secret.” The emphasis

on the movement is simply to make your life more enjoyable, by reacting

better to situations that happen in your daily life.

As I previously stated, 10% of life is not controlled by man, but the

other 90% is what dictates how we live. Take for example; it is your turn

to work the weekend shift this month. You come home Friday evening to

your wife and son, in a terrible mood because you have to wake up at six

in the morning and go into work for eight hours. You and your wife get

into an intense argument about you being in a poor mood, your son wants

you to play with him, but you decide to blow him off because you have to

wake up early the next morning, he cries for hours. While you and your

wife are arguing, you get frustrated and drop your coffee mug and it falls

on your toe. You arrive at work the next morning, the day seems to

already be a bad one, and come time to leave it seems like the worst day

ever, was this bad day your boss’s fault, your wife’s fault, the coffee

mugs fault? Your bad day was at fault of yourself, you let a few negative

tangibles ruin two days of your life that you will never receive back.

Not only that, but now there is a wedge in your relationship with your

wife because of the argument the two of you sustained, and your son

because you upset him when you wouldn’t spend quality time with him.

In my opinion, if a person would put the “90/10 secret” into use during

those negative times, those two days could not have only been better, but

enjoyable. By applying the secret into use, a person could have just

accepted that they had to work this weekend, after all it is your turn to

work the weekend shift. You come home in a better mood, you and your wife

get along great, and you play with your son for a while before going to

bed. The injury sustained to your big toe was avoided because there was

no argument with your wife. You wake up the next morning with the mindset

of going into work this weekend, but having the next four weekends off,

and you and your colleagues get along great, it was a good day of work.

The differential between the two scenarios are extreme, yet logical at the

same time. The difference that a person’s attitude conveys is amazing,

and the success that having control over your reactions, emotions and

attitude is inevitable.

In closing, from personal experience, I will confess, the results from

putting the “90/10 secret” into play are amazing. I believe every person

can live a more successful and peaceful life having learned to put the

secret in affect. So, this I challenge you: use the “90/10 secret” as a

part of daily life, and reap the benefits.

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it,” This I