Alarm Clock Without a Snooze Button

Matthew - Knoxville, Tennessee
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30

Most people have a routine and purpose for getting their day started in the morning. It may be the first cup of coffee that wakes them up or the first drag off a cigarette. Perhaps the reason is much more intense than what is stated above. Maybe the alarm clock that is used does not have a snooze button on it. Maybe the alarm clock does not just wake that person up in the morning, but opens their eyes to life and makes them keep getting up for that reason. On February 6, 2002, I received the alarm clock without a snooze button. My niece was born. Mackenzie Justine Hinkley is the best thing that has happened to me. I had been down the wrong road for many years before that date. I was a borderline alcoholic and a substance abuser. All that had to stop when she was born. I had to set an example and guide her to righteousness as she did for me. Not to return the favor, but to help her become who she is and will remain for the rest of her life. I thank her everyday, but she has no clue as to why. She remains my motivation to keep doing well and stay away from the bad. The worst thing that I had to do, but the safest thing I could do for myself was to move away. Mackenzie lives in Denver, Colorado with her stepmother and father. Every year I go to Denver for a little girl’s birthday that marks the day my life changed. She and I catch up on past time and I can continue to watch her shape into a great person. I hate being so far away from my alarm clock, but no matter the distance that separates us, I always have it by my bedside. I believe that no matter the situation that may be presented to a person, things get better even if it takes an alarm clock without a snooze button for one to recognize the opportunity of life.