Struggles Through Self Belief

Maggie - Cleveland, Ohio
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

I had to do a project on the This I Believe essays. I had to choose 10 themes and then 1 essay from each theme. Then I had to write a summery and belief statement for each essay. I thought that this would be easy. That I would just pick up my laptop and start writing. But then I looked through the themes and I remembered my teacher saying choose the themes that you think make up who you are, the ones that are most like. Not going lie, this website has a lot of themes to choose from. And then I found that it was getting difficult to choose a theme most like me. I was thinking, if I was going to write an essay, what theme it would be under? And I have to say that I couldn’t choose a theme for my life.

That got me to start thinking very hard on what I believed, in particular. Religion, friends, parents, teachers, faith, culture and I couldn’t honestly pick one that felt special to me, one that summed up what I believed in. I can safely say now that I think I chose one that fits me perfectly. I believe in the power of you. If you can count on one thing in this world, it is you.

The 1 class I happen to do poorly in, ironically, is English. I am only 14 years old and I can’t memorize vocabulary words for my life. My teacher said, “Maggie, I believe that you can do this so I won’t make a big deal out of it.” Well, it is good to know that you believe in me teacher, but I need a little more than that. I will not motivate myself to study harder in vocabulary because I know I won’t be able to improve. But trying is what I do now, and I now know that I deserve that grades I receive.

I have now come to a point in my life, a short life but yes, there is a point, and I now know what it means to believe in you. If you can believe, you can perceive and you will achieve. I will be heading off to high school next year, which I heard is the best and worst times of your life, and I must be ready for the challenges ahead. If the teachers have some 90 other students to look after, (I go to a private school, hence the small grades), what is going to make me believe that they won’t forget little old me? You can trust other people in this world, but I feel that you can only count on yourself. You have to make decisions, deciding right from wrong and tell your head when to stop whatever your doing.

No one knows me better than me. I can safely say, after long consideration, that I believe in me. And I believe in the power of you.