Believing in Snow

Meredith - Poquoson, Virginia
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 18 - 30
Themes: nature

I believe in the power of snow.

I believe in its power to shape and clean. I believe in its purity. Mountains can be shaped from years of show falling, freezing, and then thawing. After winter when all the snow melts it takes with it all the dead leaves and other things that were left on the ground form the fall. It is the only precipitation that when it falls it doesn’t mix with other things immediately. It needs some outside force to make it dirty.

I believe in that fact that I can stand in the middle of what is essentially a lake with water falling all around me and not get soaked. I love standing out in the middle of a field with the snow gently falling all around and for a moment with the glittering ice crystals cling to my heir and eyelashes I am a princess in a far off land.

When it covers the land in a frosty blanket it seems like it mutes the whole world. Like everything is quiet in respect for the snow. I once stood in my front yard and just listened to the snow falling, I could only hear this soft subdued sound, almost like silk falling on its self. It seemed like the snow was whispering to me. When I am quiet and listen to the snow falling, with everything hushed around me, it is a new kind of quiet. It is a quiet that lets me think, that allows me to escape reality and just be.

Another reason I believe in snow is because no child can be cold when they are playing in it. When I lived in Nebraska as a little girl we lived in front of a golf course .My brother, sister and I never really could get along. The only thing that brought us together was waiting for the first true snow fall. When it came we would grab our sleds and trudge to the golf course and then sled down the first hill we came too, laughing and giggling the whole way down then we would have to hike up another hill and do it all again. At some points during the day I would fall off my sled and get a bunch of snow up my jacket reminding me of how cold I was, but I forgot the cold when I started sledding again. Then at the end of the day our parents would call us back home and we trudge back to our house where, once we got inside, we realized that our hands seemed frost-bitten, our winter clothes soaked, and we were frozen to the bone, but after a hot bath and hot coco we thawed out. We never fought during our sledding adventures, we were all comrades going down those epic hills and nothing could break that.

I believe in snow the most after a big snowstorm. When I wake up on a bright and sunny day after a miniature blizzard the world became so beautiful. I looked out my window first thing in the morning because I couldn’t wait to see the ground covered with a magical Technicolor blanket. The light made it seem like there was a huge rainbow splashed on the ground. It looked so pristine and beautiful, when the snow didn’t have any disturbances, like I had been tossed into some fairy realm where anything could happen.

Snow can bring peace to a hectic life. It can give you the science you need to just get away. It can also ignite your imagination. Snow is magic.