We Are All Brothers and Sisters

Mary - Torrance, California
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: 65+

I believe that all people of the world are truly and literally brothers and sisters. I believe we are related from the beginning of time. Whether you believe in creation or evolution, we are related.

Scientists have proven that at one time the world had only one large continent. That land included what we now call Africa. However and whenever man got on Earth, it was on that continent. Whatever color his skin was in the beginning doesn’t matter. We all transpired from that beginning. We are family regardless of color or creed and we can help and love one another as family, regardless of color or creed

I love all children and cannot see any of them as anything but a child. Not a child of a color or creed, just a child.

I had many foster children in my home of different colors and backgrounds. My children treated them like family. They were part of our home and family. Some had been abused, some were abandoned, some were just alone but all were family in my home. I believe that’s as it should be around the world. It might be an answer to war and abuse throughout the world. Why would we hurt our loved ones? War is ridiculous, silly, wasteful and meaningless. Love is grand, worthy and powerful. Why do we choose war? I believe we can live in world peace and love. We begin by teaching our children that all humans are family, regardless of color, religion, country or language.