the goods and evils of video games

Aidan - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: addiction

The goods and evils of video games

I believe that too many U.S. citizens are addicted to video games. Believe me I know. You heard me! Us kids play video games for hours a day. GET OUTSIDE! Did you know that more Americans are obese than they were in the 1980’s? Part of that is because of video game addiction.

Not too long ago I was 130lbs because of my computer and Xbox video games. Now I weigh 120lbs because of snow shoveling, reading, and walking to school. And I feel great!

If you were wise, you would be reading and paying attention to what I am saying to you. Now why do I Believe in this you ask? Well first of all, now that gaming has been revolutionized, people have more ways to play and they just want more. Secondly, you just can’t stop once you start. My last point is this. It can turn you into an ungrateful, fat slob, and a jerk (results may vary).

I mean, its fun and all, but instead of playing for 10 hours a day, try 1 or at the most 2. I have time limits on the computer and my Xbox broke. And now am doing much better with school, home, and my social life. I am doing better with school because last term, I got all D’s and 1 F because I spent too much time on the computer and Xbox. Now I got 1 A, 2B’s, 2C’s and no F’s! I love my new ways.

I hope my words make you think. And I say for the last time, I believe in video game addiction.