Importance Of Friends

Taylor - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Importance of Friends

By: Taylor Pell

Everyone has a belief right? Well I merely believe friends are important. Friends can influence you in good and bad ways.

First off all friends influence you. A long time ago when I was about eight I would hang out with kids that got in trouble all the time. They once influenced me to throw a rock at a window. After that one time I threw a rock at a window, for some weird reason I enjoyed it. So after that I threw rocks at windows all the time, until my dad caught me. It wasn’t very pretty.

A good way friends influenced me is when me and my friends were eating breakfast in fourth grade at the cafeteria. When we finished we stopped at the schools mini shop to see if there was anything new or anything we wanted to buy. While we were looking, one of my friends wanted me to steal something from the mini shop and luckily my other friend was there to persuade us not to steal.

Friends can also bring you joy, laughter, and fun. A bad way one of my past friends tried to bring me joy, laughter, and fun is he asked me if I wanted to look at pornography, but I obviously said NO! Fiends also brought me joy, laughter, and fun by jokes. I mean everyone likes jokes. A couple of years ago joy, laughter and fun occurred in my life when one of my friends, Tre, had a sleepover with one of my friends and we played and almost beat a Batman game while we were suppose to be asleep.

My friends comfort me. They comfort me in a weird way but that’s alright, because I enjoy it. Most of it the time, anyway. One time I was thinking of something personal, which made me feel very sad. However, luckily I had friends around me to comfort me and cheer me up again!

I think of my friends very highly. And again, I believe friends are important! Do you?