Lighting the Stars

Salamasina - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

Lighting the Star

By: Salamasina F

The smell of fresh chocolate chip cookies linger upstairs and into my bedroom. The glass of milk and cookies await the large man in a red and white suit. The dreams of children come true when the plate is uncovered and the glass is clear. The snow cascades as the colorful lights, the wrapped presents, and the lit up tree gather families and bring joy to children. This I believe! I believe in Christmas.

Every Christmas Eve, I sleep near the fire awaiting Christmas morning. The joys in children’s faces are such a pleasure to the eye. I love waking up to see children racing down the stairs to see what items Santa had delivered. The Christmas season is full of joy, laughter, and happiness. My first true Christmas took place, when I was eight years of age. I had just finished wrapping a doll for my little sister. As my hands reached out to her, her smile was warm and bright. As she unwrapped the gift, her face lit up. I’ll never be able to forget how warm I felt to see the joy and happiness in her face! Without the delight on children’s faces, the world would be like a lantern without any oil.

The Christmas’ that have come and the Christmas’ that have past, have all been miracles that bring blissful feelings in families. My memories might be spotty, but my memory of the Christmas in 2002 was vivid. The living room floor was lined with presents from loving, caring, and kind individuals. The smiles on our faces could have lit up the sky. As we unwrapped the gifts, we were overflowed with warm feelings. The kindness of others, light up families in the Christmas season.

Giving service, and abiding with each other, are all the important things individuals enjoy during the time of Christmas. Every year my family enters all the names of the siblings in a hat. One by one, we individually came up and drew a name. The name we receive is the name we will end up presenting a gift to on Christmas day. My name was my older sister. I felt the need to spend all my life savings on this. My mother had told me that there were many things I could buy with two dollars and sixty-four cents. As my mom and I glanced down the store isles, my eyes were glued to the perfect item I couldn’t afford. I turned to my mother, with an expression of sorrow. My mom picked up the item and asked for my savings. She told me to give all that I can, and she would provide the rest. My frown quickly turned to a smile. I jumped for glee, realizing that my mother had intended to make my sister full of joy. Not only did I give, but my mom served me, informing me, that Christmas is meant for service and care.

The secret ingredient to have a true Christmas is to serve, give, and enjoy the smiles of others. Next time you unwrap a present, ponder about those who have brought a smile to light up your face, provide that oil for the lamp of other’s lives! Light the stars!