People learn from their mistakes

Jackeline - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: setbacks

People Learn From Their Mistakes

By: Jackeline Vargas

Have you ever made a mistake and then learned from it? Well, I believe in people learning from their mistakes. A lot of people I know, have made mistakes, learned from them, and tried their best not doing that mistake again. I know this doesn’t happen for all people, but this happens to most people I know. If I did a chart of how many people learn from their mistakes, and how many people don’t, I bet there would be way more people on the side of how many people do learn from their mistakes.

There are many examples I could use to prove my belief. But, one example I could use, is when my sisters and I almost caused a car accident. It all started when my family and I were on our way to Mexico. My two sisters and I were playing a game kind of like volleyball, but with one of our pillows. So, the pillow went to my dad’s face. (My dad was the one who was driving.) He kept going because there was a straight rode. But if he would’ve been driving in a straight road, we probably would’ve gotten in a car accident. My sisters and I made a mistake, got punished for it, but we also learned from it. What I learned in this mistake was to always buckle up when you’re in a car and, to never interrupt the person who is driving.

One of my other examples I could use to prove my belief is when I was three and a half years old and I cut myself with a knife. First, I was watching my mom while she was cooking dinner. She was cutting some potatoes into little pieces for a part of our dinner. She put the potatoes into a pan while I was behind her. I don’t know why, but since I was only three and a half years old, and, I didn’t know what a knife was and what to use it for, I got the knife and slid my finger through the sharp side of the knife. I cut myself very badly that day. I felt bad because of my finger. But I made a mistake and I learned never to play with knifes. I also tried my best not to cut myself again.

Most people I know have learned from their mistakes. Probably, I would lose count if I was counting the amount of people who do learn from their mistakes. Like I said, this doesn’t happen to a lot of people, but this happens to most people. So, I believe that people learn from their mistakes.