Fantasy Come True

George - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18
Themes: creativity

Fantasy Come True

People have told a myriad myths and legends for many generations. Do you know why people have created them? It’s because they’re true. I believe that myths are real and legends are history. Sure you will find no proof of this but you can’t say it’ not true. Imagination makes it as real as everything else. I’ve read many books and after every ending I say “Wow this actually happened.”

Myths and legends have fascinated all people. My imagination is fueled by them. Because of these stories I can make them become real on paper. When I heard of the legend of the mighty King Arthur I dreamt of magic, dragons, knights, everything magical. After discovering The Lord of the Rings my creativity grew wildly.

People have also told me that they weren’t true. But I always got A’s on my stories. In 5th grade I made a story about dragons. Everybody thought it was stupid. Then when I got my story back, it was the best. It was in the school newspaper. Myths and legends have improved my school work.

Believing in myths and legends is like having an imaginary friend. You can always have fun by yourself. Have adventures, battle evil, slay dragons, fight with dwarves and elves. You can do anything, just believe. One time at recess in 2nd grade I was lonely, while everyone else played soccer. Ideas began popping into my head. I started to react to the ideas, I was fighting. My eyes started to see illusions of monsters and demons. When the teacher blew the whistle I was sad to go back to the world of numbers and words. But it was all worth it.

People have said that I was crazy, that my gears weren’t working. Ha ha the funny thing is that in 4th grade my class written did report on a myth. Turned out, I did pretty well in class. Everyone asked me how I did it. My quote was “I believed.” I may be crazy but at times believing in myths and legends becomes useful at times.

Didn’t you consider something people called preposterous? Go ahead and believe it anyway, it could come true. Go on make fun of me, but when something comes true and you don’t know what it is, I’m not going to tell you. I believe myths and legends are true, but I ask you do YOU believe?

By Elf Archer

George Duong