The Spirit Within Yourself

Bronson - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18

The Spirit within Yourself

By: Bronson L

Even though I don’t always put much effort into my work, I still try and preserve. As once as I was told, “You might struggle through the dark, blind and lost if you give up the sun will darken.” Times may be tough sometimes but the world has its twist and turns, like a rollercoaster things happen unexpectedly. I was told this belief by my older brother many times and he also told me, “That’s reality!” I believe in perseverance because it helps you through life and makes you a better person. I know a friend who threw away his life because he couldn’t get a job and provide money for himself, and started asking his parents for money and now lives in his parent’s basement.

I believe that everyone has a chance in front of them, they take it and fail but quit because they don’t have enough perseverance to advance themselves through it. Failure is something everyone must accept and everyone needs perseverance, because failure can be vanquished with perseverance.

Always try because things may not go according to how you like it, it’s your rollercoaster and you can always persevere to stop it. I’ve persevered through tests and board games. At times I’m losing money in Monopoly and 5 minutes later my perseverance helps me win the game because of how I didn’t give up. Problems on tests are difficult but I never try to give up, because life’s cycle rotates even with failure as long as you always try. Perseverance is a strong emotion that guides you through life.

There are many chapters in your life and if you give up, these chapters would be burnt to ashes and be useless, but if you’re persistent than you will make it through. Without perseverance you could go through life not making mistakes, but mistakes are a part of life.

Life runs with mistakes and if you’re too scared to deal with it then you’ll fail life being a person who never learns. The knowledge never seeps through their head and they never use what they need to be successful in life, because they are too afraid to learn from what they failed in life even if it’s helpful. But if you don’t give up, then you will learn from your mistakes and never give up because it’s your life and you have the perseverance to change it.

This I believe.