Mike - Aurora, Colorado
Entered on April 28, 2008
Age Group: Under 18


By: Mike Heath

I believe in trust, because someone you can trust is hard to find because most people you think you can trust just might be a liar and turn around and be a backstabber. I’ve known a few people like that. They ruined my fourth grade life. Trust me you wouldn’t like it if that happened to you. So be careful with who your friends are.

The people you can trust are people you have known longest or for your entire life. Like for me there’s my friend Brandon. I can trust him more than anyone else that’s alive. I truly trust him because I’ve known him for eleven years. The people you can’t trust are people you have only known for a short time. A short time would be considered a few days to one year. I made the mistake of thinking that I could trust someone after knowing them for a few days and his name was Jason Grogan. This time was after fourth grade and I should’ve known better than to trust him, but I did anyway. He decided to use my secrets against me and told other people what they were. That teaches me to ever trust Jason again. I truly thought I could trust Jason and, boy, did I ever get the shank!

To be able to truly trust someone with your secrets, you need to actually feel like they’re your brother or sister. Once you can truly trust someone, you are true friends

There is a possibility that you think you can trust someone and they lie to you. Quick example coming your way. When I was in fourth grade there was a friend of mine named Andre Rizo who I told a secret of mine and he told everyone in our school what it was and he also told everyone lies about me so after that school When that happened it felt like an ultra-sharp knife piercing through my back and twisting year he was no longer my friend, but he was my enemy. I didn’t go to school for weeks. It, maybe that’s why their called backstabbers. That person had ruined my fourth grade life. Trust is a fragile thing and it can turn around and bite you so in conclusion be careful with who you trust and don’t get bitten by it later.